There’s Always Time for Soup

Our busy staff are on the go for much of the day, so when there is time for a break and energy levels need topping up, there is nothing more welcome than a warming mug of soup.

Chef, John, makes sure there is a delicious pot of freshly made, nutritious, soup on the simmer in the staff room, every day, and it is well received.

The variety changes throughout the week with chicken and vegetable, tomato and basil, leek and potato and minestrone some of the popular choices.

John’s delicious food offer extends to residents too. There is always a soup option available to them as one of the courses. It is an easy way for people to consume the nourishing vegetables, fibre, protein and minerals they need. A bowl of warming soup is a good way to tempt those with a limited appetite or to assist those who find chewing and/or swallowing difficult.

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