The Language of Love

Love is in the air and, as Valentine’s Day approaches, have you ever thought how the simple phrase ‘I love you’ translates around the world? ‘Je t’aime (France); ‘Te amo’ (Spanish), ‘Ich liebe dich’ (German) and ‘Ti amo’ (Italian) are some of the ones that are probably familiar to us but how about ‘Ik hou van jou’ (Dutch), ‘Mina rakastan sinua (Finnish) or ‘Szeretlek’ (Hungarian)?

Music has also been described as the language of love and when one of CNC’s most popular performers, Morris Tamir, returns to entertain us, some familiar love songs will undoubtedly be in his repertoire. The talented Morris, who also plays a variety of musical instruments, is able to sing in more than 40 different languages. We bet he will include a few different versions of ‘I love you’ and we know, from past experience, that everyone will love him back.

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