The Chiswick’s COVID Prevention Measures Featured on TV

The Chiswick has been featured on both the ITV and BBC News programmes this week because of its approach towards being Covid-safe and secure, including a new testing regime that will, hopefully, allow Residents to have family visitors in time for Christmas.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham,  has been chosen as the first of 25 London councils to roll out ‘lateral flow’ tests. These are simple swab tests that return results within 30 minutes. This means that visitors, as well as residents and staff, can be tested and assessed quickly, as a means of rapidly preventing the risk of transmission to others.

At the moment, it takes anything up to two days to obtain results from existing Covid tests which are sent to an external lab for processing. ‘Lateral flow’ kits will enable visitors to be tested when they arrive for pre booked visits with our Residents. Staff at The Chiswick are amongst the first to have already taken the tests and Operations Director – Steve Winter, welcomes the move: 

“At the moment, visitors have to be separated from our Residents with a plastic screen. That will be dispensed with because if we know the two parties are negative, we can get rid of the plastic screens and have a much more normal ‘family’ visit.”


Carer enters the ‘fog tunnel’ to help to neutralise viruses

The Chiswick is also working to keep one step ahead of the virus with the installation of an innovative £12,000 ‘fog tunnel’. This sprays electrolysed water / fog on all visitors, including staff, as they enter the premises to neutralise all viruses. The Centre has also invested in other innovative Infection, Prevention and Control measures; including Virucidal ‘Smoke Bombs’ which also help to minimise the overall risks prevented by Covid-19.

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