Thanks for care

It is always rewarding for us at CNC to hear directly from a relative that we have provided the very best care we can, even though the outcome is not always a happy one. We were pleased therefore to receive permission recently to publish the following:

“My ageing father was increasingly not coping in his home and hit a crisis during the Jubilee holiday in 2022, falling between the stools of NHS community care and a hospital admission.  I found the Chiswick Nursing Centre (CNC) on the internet via the CQC, and, even though it was a public holiday, was able to speak to the director, who arranged with his staff a next-day admission.  The room with en-suite bathroom was modern, clean and had a dual heater/ air conditioner, and the food always looked fresh and prepared from good quality ingredients.  My father spent the last 7 months of his life at CNC, with his health waxing and waning, and several emergency admissions to hospital during that period.  The twice-weekly GP visits to CNC and the proximity to Charing Cross Hospital meant that my father was medically well cared for, without me having to advocate on his behalf with the GP and hospital services, or him having to struggle with long and automated telephone queues.  I also found the standard of the qualified nurses-in-charge at the Balmoral Suite to be impressive.  Over 7 months of visits to him, I did not once hear or overhear a comment from a member of staff, or witness an event which demonstrated wanting of professionalism or kindness; the staff were always cheerful, helpful and responsive to queries.  The nurses and healthcare assistants administered to his nursing and hygiene needs when he was unwell, and during the periods that he was feeling better, all the staff (healthcare assistants, nurses, managers and the director) demonstrated patience and understanding and did what they could to accommodate his requests when he tried to exert control over his care, unable any longer to control his declining health. The multicultural background of the staff was a bonus: neither he nor we felt out of place, and a few staff members were even able to speak to him in his mother-tongue.  If I was asked for a personal recommendation for a nursing home in London I would recommend CNC – for its responsiveness/ flexibility, professionalism, proximity to a tube station, close links with a good GP practice and teaching hospital, quality of room/ bathroom, standard of hygiene, quality of food and multiculturalism.”

Dr M, London

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