Strawberry Tea at The Chiswick

July is synonymous with strawberries and Wimbledon and just happens to coincide with The Chiswick’s Annual Strawberry Tea.

Residents, their relatives and friends were welcomed into the strawberry-themed room which had been decorated by the Activities team. There were strawberries on the tablecloths as well as hanging from the ceiling.

Guests were served a glass of Pimms alongside the delicious strawberries and cream whilst Glyn, one of The Chiswick’s favourite entertainers, sang his way through more than 20 songs. Residents sang and danced along to many of the tunes and Glyn’s bongo drums helped bring a touch of Caribbean sunshine to a blustery day in London.

It was Ireland though that proved to be the musical highlight. It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ brought the loudest singing and cheers.

Once the musical entertainment was concluded, everyone settled back in a comfy chair to watch the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Final.

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