Secret Garden ballet enthrals residents

Sixteen Chiswick residents, plus family and friends, were captivated by the London Children’s Ballet Touring Company which visited The Chiswick Nursing Centre in September.

The troupe performed a 30-minute ballet based on ‘The Secret Garden’, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s famous novel. It tells the story of a young girl, orphaned in India, who is sent to live with an elderly uncle in England. Here she discovers a hidden secret garden which she lovingly brings back to life and, in the process, transforms the lives of people living in the house.

The Chiswick’s Activities Co-ordinator, Chris, says the event went down really well: “It was amazing that the whole room was focused on the dancers – and the atmosphere was very serene. Everyone was clapping and several people were able to move their bodies in time to the musical act.

The Centre will continue to build its links with the Ballet Company and hopes for future performances soon.

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