Resistance Can Be Good For You

Wehave written frequently about the importance of exercise in later life. The older we become, the more muscle we lose and the risk of falls and injuries increases.

The in-house physiotherapy team here at The Chiswick devises a regular exercise programme tailored to individual needs but also for general group sessions. Exercising as a group is as much about social interaction and mental stimulation as it is about a physical work out. To keep things interesting, they sometimes include the use of resistance bands. These are stretchy, rubber bands that are colour coded for differing resistance. They can offer the same sort of benefits as lifting weights but are easier for many of our residents to handle and put less pressure on arthritic or painful joints. As muscle strength improves, participants can move on to less resistant bands to increase the challenge.

Resistance bands are suited to most people and can be used either standing or seated enabling those with limited mobility to take part in a chair or wheelchair. .

Bands can be used to exercise almost every part of the body and are great for building muscle strength, balance, mobility and provide a cardio vascular workout.

Strengthening the core is important as it stabilises our whole body. People who have recently had hip replacement surgery find seated exercise with resistance bands especially helpful to build their core muscles and restore mobility.

Bands are relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to store. Why not give them a try at home?

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