Reach out to reptiles

Small, furry, fluffy animals hold a special appeal for us but not so much reptiles which are often thought of as slimy, scaly and slightly scary.

We had a wonderful opportunity recently to dispel these myths and get close up and personal with some of these creatures. Darwin’s Kingdom visited our Kensington Suite bringing with them an array of snakes, tree frogs, geckos and more.

Residents were fascinated by and eager to handle tiny frogs, tortoise, lizards and not so tiny snakes, which they even draped around their necks. One or two people were slightly more hesitant until they realised there was nothing cold or frightening about these reptiles.

Darwin’s Kingdom, which is based in Berkshire and has visited us in the past, is on a mission to educate the public about exotic animals. All of the animals they bring along to meet people are much loved pets or animals that have been rescued.

The experience of meeting and discovering more about these reptiles was one that many will remember and talk about for some time to come.

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