Paradise Lodge comes to CNC

If you can’t get to the theatre, then get the theatre to come to you. And so it was that the Tabard Theatre brought a shortened version of its play ‘Paradise Lodge’ to the CNC.

The musical comedy stars Steve Cooper and Sophie Osborne, who play multiple roles in the production. Set in the 1940s, the play, which was written by Steve, is based on his experience in caring for his mother-in-law when she had dementia. 

Residents sang along and laughed as they identified with some of the scenes and the recollections they evoked.

CNC resident, Erica said afterwards: “I really enjoyed it and it was very well done. The actors were very nice and truthful. They sang Gracie Fields, Al Jolson and other songs. My favourite was ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’. When I first came to England I heard this song a lot so it brought back good memories.”

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