Notice to all relatives / friends / visitors to the nursing centre:

2 October  2023

I am pleased to advise that the Nursing Centre is now free of all isolation protocols and visiting restrictions.

Visiting hours have reverted to 24/7 (although in reality most visits are between 10am and 9pm daily).

The arrangements for Residents to receive the 2023 Autumn COVID booster vaccination are well underway and the nursing team can advise if you have any questions.

Staff members are also being encouraged to obtain the booster vaccination wherever possible.

We are hopeful that with everyone following strong Infection, Prevention and Control guidance – we can avoid any outbreaks in 2023 and onwards.

Please ask the Nurse in charge on your Nursing Suite if you require more details.

Kind regards
Steve Winter
Centre Director
The Chiswick Nursing Centre

Coronavirus (COVID 19) - our guidance to service users and families. Please click here for our latest guidance.