Chiswick Nursing Centre Puts Hydration in the Spotlight

Various health studies have emphasised the importance of maintaining good levels of hydration in older people and the consequences of failing to do so. The Chiswick Nursing Centre in Ravenscourt Gardens is playing its part by participating in a study, called Ihydrate, in conjunction with the West London University.

With Nutrition and Hydration Week taking place from 14-20 March, the Chiswick Nursing Centre will mark the occasion by running a series of themed activities to educate and remind its staff, residents, their families and friends of the importance of good hydration.

The Centre has teamed up with Dr. Amalia Tsiami, Associate Professor in Food Science at the London College of Hospitality and Tourism. Dr. Tsiami and someof her students will visit the nursing home on Friday 18 March to speak to health care assistants, nurses, other staff, residents and their families. The talk will be supported by an informative display and posters plus there will be a chance to sample free smoothies, blended juices, hydration fluids and other drinks.

Steve Winter, Centre Director at The Chiswick said: “Ensuring that older people maintain good hydration is so important to their health and wellbeing. Not taking sufficient fluids can lead to falls, pressure ulcers, urinary infections and more severe conditions”

“Our residents often have other complex health conditions, such as dementia and so don’t always recognise when they are becoming dehydrated or may be unable to drink for themselves. It is therefore important that we educate people to recognise the signs and develop strategies to address the issues. We hope that our efforts for Nutrition and Hydration Week goes some way to raising awareness of the subject.”