Never a cross word

We always maintain the importance of keeping the brain cells stimulated as good for both physical and mental health. Therefore, ensuring that our residents are mentally stirred and motivated is high on our list of priorities.

Among the many activities we organise is a very popular crossword group. It usually  runs once, sometimes twice, a week. So attractive has it proven to be that residents often move between our Buckingham, Belgravia, Windsor and Kensington suites to attend.

The benefits of playing games and puzzles are numerous. They help to reduce stress, preserve memory and brain function. Scientists say crossword puzzles and quizzes are also beneficial for those with dementia as they have to visit past memories to find an answer. This, in turn, helps to build and maintain neural pathways.

Above all, our crossword group is social and fun – given the smiles, chatter and laughter we see and hear.

Large print versions are widely available so there is no need to squint or keep putting pairs of glasses on and off.

Why not set up a regular crossword group with friends at home, or at a local pub, café or community centre. Or just settle down alone on the sofa with a cup of tea and the crossword. This should keep the brain cells ticking over. And when you find you are solving it in double quick time, challenge yourself by moving to the cryptic version or a different publication.

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