Dog and resident

Mondays Are Nellie and Mollie Days

Just before 2.00 pm on a Monday, an air of anticipation and excitement permeates our building. The doors open and two small (and one larger) visitors enter. They are quickly greeted by a succession of smiling staff and residents before they continue with their visit.

The pair in question are Nellie and Mollie, two King Charles Spaniels, accompanied by their owner, who have been regular visitors here and are much loved by everyone who meets them.

Our residents absolutely love to stroke, pat and cuddle these lovely dogs whose calm natures bring all sorts of benefits. Many studies have been carried out on the therapeutic nature of having animals around. Results include improved general health and wellbeing, increased confidence and communication and providing a calming environment. It has led, in the UK, to the launch of national network of therapy dogs.

Interacting with dogs has also been shown to evoke memories amongst people with dementia. It can often stimulate conversation in those who largely remain silent.

Nellie and Mollie do their rounds with great diligence. Nothing seems to phase them and they will even visit residents in their rooms if the occupants are unable to come out to meet them. They have made lots of friends and willingly accept all the affection given to them.

Everyone agrees they feel better for seeing them and they all look forward to next Monday when Nellie and Mollie will return.

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