Our complaints procedure

Complaints Procedure

  1. This care service is committed to providing high-quality services and to constantly seeking ways to improve that quality.
  2. Your comments, compliments, suggestions or complaints are always welcome and we take pride in responding to them quickly, effectively and honestly.
  3. All comments, compliments, suggestions or complaints should be made to the: Centre Director or The Board Director: Carole Buse
  4. Complaints will be treated seriously and dealt with as soon as possible.
  5. Verbal complaints will be responded to immediately. All comments will be carefully considered and responded to on an individual basis.
  6. Written complaints will be responded to by an acknowledgement letter within two days. The service will then investigate the complaint and send the complainant a letter outlining the result within 28 days. If the matter is complex and cannot be resolved within 28 days the complainant will be informed.
  7. If the complaint cannot satisfactorily be resolved within the care service, the person making the complaint might seek to refer the matter to the local authority adult social care complaints service, if the care is local authority-funded, or directly to the local government ombudsman if privately funded. People who take their complaint to the local authority but still do not get a satisfactory result might wish to go to the Local Government Ombudsman. Contact details for the Local Government Ombudsman are as follows.
    The Local Government Ombudsman
    PO Box 4771
    Coventry CV4 0EH
    Tel: 0300 061 0614 or 0845 602 1983
    Website: www.lgo.org.uk
  8. Service users might also wish to communicate any concerns to the Care Quality Commission, though it will not investigate a complaint directly. The CQC’s contact details are as follows.
    Care Quality Commission
    Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PA
    Email: enquiries@cqc.org.uk
    Tel: 03000 616 161
  9. We view complaints as an opportunity to identify anything that is going wrong in our organisation and to make it right. You can help us by keeping a look out for any problems and letting us know about them as soon as possible. Your comments and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
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