Immune-boosting Superfoods for Winter

We all recognise the benefits of healthy eating and here, at the Chiswick Nursing Centre, we take great pride in making sure that all of our meals and menu choices offer a full range of nutritionally balanced ingredients which will promote living well.

Many of our residents are frail and require as much ‘boost’ as a healthy balanced diet can provide. This is particularly true in the winter months when our immune systems may be at slightly more reduced levels than they are during the spring and summer.

Our professionally qualified and experienced chef ensures that everyone receives the correct balance of nutrients to encourage good health. In addition we are supported by a professional nutritionist who ensures that our wide variety of menu options all offer the best nutritional content to Residents. Foods containing Vitamins A (spinach, carrots, butternut squash, tuna) C (broccoli, peppers, citrus fruits) D (oily fish), and E (nuts, avocado, spinach) are known to help boost immunity and we include these in our meal offerings.

All of us, however, no matter what our age, can benefit by incorporating some of the following foods in our diets.

  • Broccoli and spinach. Our catering team includes them in daily made, fresh soups made in our kitchen.
  • Citrus fruits, including oranges, which are packed full of immune system-boosting vitamin C. We have a range of fruit juices or whole fruits available at breakfast. Bananas offer improved Potasium levels which improve brain processing capacity.
  • Eggs. These protein-rich foods are served at breakfast. Scrambled is always popular – or our evening omellete menu provides fresh made choices.
  • Yogurt & probiotics – contain a range of ‘good’ bacteria that aid digestion and the gut ‘biome’. They can also be beneficial to some mental health conditions, the heart and some allergies.

Chiswick residents who have a particular health and dietary need, will have meals specially tailored and prepared for them by our catering manager to ensure that all their requirements are met.

We also work hard to keep our staff as fit and healthy as possible. Our ongoing partnership with “The Fruitful Office” (www.fruitfuloffice.co.uk) – helps us to ensure that our staff get their vitamins and nutritional content, as well as giving them a healthy snack that boosts their energy.

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