Flutes and frets play musical instruments

Gentle Sounds To Soothe The Soul

We were delighted to welcome back Flutes & Frets, who entertained us last year with their musical repertoire played on flutes and plucked instruments.

Beth Stone (flute) and Daniel Murphy (strings) specialise in playing instruments drawn from throughout history to create a story that educates and enthrals. They certainly succeeded with a performance of medieval and contemporary pieces played on a variety of flutes and stringed instruments, including the lute. Residents found it soothing and inspiring. They were certainly keen to interact with the young musicians to find out more about the historical stringed and woodwind instruments used.

Classical music has been proven to reduce anxiety, lower the blood pressure and, in some instances, reduce pain, so Beth and Daniel may have delivered more benefits than even they may have envisaged.

The pair trained at the Royal College of Music and, two years on from their first collaboration, are now much in demand both at home and abroad. Flutes & Frets perform both classical and contemporary music using the types of instruments on which the pieces were originally composed to produce a totally authentic sound.

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