Food hygiene matters:

In a world where the importance of high hygiene standards is ever important, The Chiswick Nursing Centre was pleased to be reinspected recently by Hammersmith and Fulham Environmental Health Team and their food safety inspectors.

An unannounced inspection is a sure way to ensure high standards are maintained – and hour Head Chef, John Wealleans was as ready as ever to welcome the inspectors into his kitchen.Finding that everything was clean, well maintained, well managed from a food safety and hygiene perspective, the inspectors were able to re-issue and maintain the current 5 star award that The Chiswick is proud to have retained for the past 5 years.

Centre Director, Steve Winter, commented:

“John and his team have exceptionally high standards and a commitment to ensuring that our food service to Residents is at the highest levels of hygiene. It is a part of our overall commitment to delivery of the best care and nursing service in town”

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