Flutes and Frets

This strange-sounding title is not about worrying how to play a woodwind instrument but the name of an amazing musical duo who recently performed for us.

Beth Stone and Daniel Murphy formed Flutes and Frets last year after first collaborating at the Royal College of Music. Their aim is to showcase the versatility of the flute and plucked instruments by playing a wide range of music on the instruments that they were originally composed on. They are now in demand both in the UK and overseas.

Beth specialises in playing all types of flute (yes, there is more than one) while Daniel is accomplished on stringed instruments ranging from the classical guitar and lute to the less well-known theorbo, a lute-like instrument which he demonstrated to magical effect at our special performance.

Sipping on glasses of Prosecco, residents were held spellbound by a spectrum of music that ranged from the medieval through to contemporary.

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