Easter is heralded

Thoughts at The Chiswick are turning to the Easter weekend. Good Friday will be more of a contemplative day but with hot cross buns to mark the occasion. References to this tasty treat date back to the 14th century when Thomas Rocliffe, a monk from St Alban’s, was credited with coming up with the first simple recipe of a bun with a cross on the top to symbolise Christ’s crucifixion. The ‘Alban buns’ were distributed to the local poor. Word soon spread and it became commonplace to eat hot cross buns on Good Friday to mark the end of Lent.

The original ‘Alban’ bun had a cross cut into the top with a knife instead of the piped flour paste version we see today. The original style buns are still produced at a local bakery using Brother Rocliffe’s secret recipe. They are supplied to St Alban’s Cathedral and only made during Lent and Holy Week.

Here at The Chiswick, our premises will be decorated with Easter themed art and, no doubt, chocolate Easter eggs will make an appearance. Residents are looking forward to spending time with friends and family and to enjoying a special Easter roast dinner with all the trimmings..

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