Dementia Care – the Six Senses

Anyone who has a relative with dementia knows how difficult and challenging it can sometimes be. Whilst, of course, this can also be the case for care home staff, our team at The Chiswick Nursing Centre are specifically trained in how best to meet the needs of people who are Living with Dementia.

To provide truly effective and Person Centred care, we recognise the importance of building strong partnerships between the resident who is Living with Dementia, their extended family and our staff. The following six ‘senses’ have been identified as integral to that partnership, although each stakeholder in the relationship may experience these senses differently, and at different times.


Each party should feel safe and secure to receive or deliver competent and intuitive (knowing what is right) care.


We should each recognise our own and another person’s life story and use the past to make sense of the present. This can be employed to help plan the future, working within a consistent team (partnership) and adopting a mutually agreed approach to care which is Person Centred.


Each member of the partnership – resident, family members and care home staff, of all disciplines, including volunteers – should have opportunities to form meaningful relationships and to feel part of the Nursing Centre and the wider community.


Everyone should have the chance to engage in meaningful, age appropriate, activity with built-in personal goals to aim for. At the Chiswick Nursing Centre we utilise the ‘Pool Activity Assessment’ tool to explore these issues and make everyone’s care and socialisation arrangements as appropriate to them as is personally possible.


To be able to achieve one’s purposeful goals and to feel satisfied with one’s efforts.


We all need to know and feel that we count – that what we do matters and we are valued as a person of worth.

The Chiswick Nursing centre deploys a range of individuals and skill sets – including Occupational Therapists, Activity Coordinators, Care and Nursing staff and other external professionals to ensure that our overall approach to care and nursing delivery is Person Centred in its approach.

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