Dancers Bring a Touch of Spanish Sunshine

It wasn’t quite the Costa del Sol but there was certainly plenty of sunshine in the smiles of residents as they were entertained by a group of Spanish Folk Dancers.

Led by Elsa Perez, the nine-strong troupe, dressed in colourful national dress, are all members of a dance class. They have enjoyed the nature of the Spanish dance so much they have stayed together and now perform as an informal group. Indeed, it was they who approached CNC to ask if they could come along and perform for us.

There was much swishing of skirts, hand clapping and stamping of feet. Several residents were so caught up in the atmosphere they were keen to join in and were taken through some of the basic steps.

It was almost a fiesta. All that was missing was a large pan of paella cooking over a fire, endless jugs of sangria and the smell of the sea wafting on a warm evening breeze.

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