Coronavirus (COVID 19) – our guidance to service users and families – update

Open letter to all Residents / Next of Kin – Residents at The Chiswick Nursing Centre

Updated position as at 26 March 2020

This information updates our current operating policy on visitors to The Chiswick Nursing Centre and is issued in light of the latest Government advice and travel restrictions across the UK.

The information is broken down into headings for ease of reading:

Visitors to The Nursing Centre

In line with the latest Government instructions – We have now implemented a very clear and non-negotiable policy of NO VISITORS to the Nursing Centre.

The building houses 146 of the most frail and susceptible members of our community. We also rely wholeheartedly on our 250 strong staff team to deliver the essential care and nursing services that keep our residents safe. Every non essential visitor poses a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of everyone at The Nursing Centre.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to NOT visit at this time – however this is for the wellbeing and safety of all concerned. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE this information. We will seek to refuse entry to non essential / Non Healthcare professionals. Any such action will be time consuming and take staff resources away from the key task of caring for your loved ones. Please work with us to keep everyone safe.

We are working to try and establish video links and skype calling to residents – but you will appreciate that this takes staff members away from the overall task of caring for our residents to assist with the technology etc. I hope to have more detailed arrangements to share with you in a day or two at the most.

We are happy to take phone calls enquiring about your loved ones who are living with us. However we cannot provide an immediate response and will always prioritise resident care above telephone answering etc.

Please contact our main switchboard number:   0208 222 7800 between 8am and 7pm and leave your name, the resident’s name and your contact number. We will endeavour to get brief updates and responses to you as soon as possible.

Please be assured that if our team have any cause for concern regards the overall health of our resident you will be contacted.

Staffing at The Nursing Centre

Our staff team continue to work hard to deliver a safe service. We are certainly seeing increased numbers of staff who have had to report sick or self isolate.

Workload pressure is being managed as best as is possible, however as previously advised, some residents are having to wait longer than normal for a staff response. Staff are prioritising those with the highest clinical need and trying hard to ensure that everyone is seen and cared for as soon as possible.

Other areas of our operation.

We have no concerns about supplies of food / medicines or other essential items at this time.

Our supply chain remains intact.

We are supported by our links with The Local Authority at LB Hammersmith and Fulham and my team at The Nursing Centre has the full support of the wider Ganymede Care Ltd Head Office team who are working behind the scenes to ensure that the service keeps operating as best as is possible.

We will continue to update this information as frequently as is required and appropriate.

Steve Winter

Centre Director

Coronavirus (COVID 19) - our guidance to service users and families We are using this link to keep all service users and families as up to date as possible on this fast developing and rapidly changing situation.Please click here for our latest guidance.