Coronavirus (COVID 19) – our guidance to service users and families – update


Dear Relatives, Friends and Families,

With the national easing of restrictions around COVID 19 infection, prevention and control measures – the following is the position which The Chiswick Nursing Centre will adopt from August 2nd 2021 onwards:

Quite simply – and because each of the residents whom we care for is in themselves a frail and vulnerable adult, we are adopting a position of very little change from the pre 19/7/21 position. Regardless of what National Guidance is issued to those living within the community, and in line with(and in addition to in some respects) to whatever the national guidance regarding Care homes may imply:

  • Face masks / PPE use and hand hygiene measures will remain unchanged at The Chiswick.
  • Entry and testing requirements for visitors and non ‘base tested’  healthcare professionals and contractors remain unchanged.
  • Visitor numbers and arrangements for ‘named’ visitors have changed – each Resident may now nominated any number of ‘named’ visitors. There is no limit. However – for reasons of infection prevention and control we can only allow a maximum of 2 visitors in any resident room at any one time – unless there are exceptional circumstances. Up to 5 x Visitors can meet with a Resident in our garden areas – although social distancing is still recommended and the above measures regards PPE and face masks still apply.

You can find our full Visiting Policy here

  • Social distancing guidelines for staff at work (at CNC) remain unchanged – Staff are encouraged to maintain social distancing at work as per the past 6 months period. Staff will continue to adhere to current PPE guidance and use.
  • Staff and Resident testing.

For your reassurance:  

Staff and Residents will remain subject to the current and usual covid test regime.

Staff –  Weekly PCR and two x per week LFT test.

Residents – 28 day testing regime.

Naturally, my team will contact the Next of Kin / family or friends of any resident who tests positive in the coming weeks and months.

There remains a realistic expectation that there will be some degree of positive test cases at The Chiswick – given the significantly high numbers of infections across the London area. My teams have all been made aware of the requirements for Infection Prevention and Control measures to remain a high priority and they will, naturally, follow the latest guidance and in house rules. We have stringent isolation, and associated policies and processes following any positive test result.

Vaccination requirement for staff:

We have good levels (above national average) of vaccination coverage amongst both Staff and Resident cohorts at The Chiswick.

The recently agreed and issued Government regulations requiring all care home staff to be vaccinated are welcomed by The Chiswick and we are already working to ensure that we achieve the 100% compliance required by the deadlines set.

Current COVID Status:

There are no Resident based COVID concerns at The Chiswick. 

The Windsor suite will reopen to visitors from 10am on  Monday August 2nd 2021. Please book your test slot in the normal way if you wish to visit this suite / residents living there.

We will continue to monitor all residents for suspected symptoms and will deploy LFT tests as and when required as our first line of identification of issues or problems. We continue to have positive and robust arrangements in place with our GPs, hospital liaison and NHS colleagues for any eventuality. Our isolation processes for new admission residents remain in line with national guidance.


I am also advised that reported cases of Norovirus across the London area are 10 times higher this week than at any point in the past 5 years! (540 cases Vs 54 average across the past 5 years).

Your personal attention to good hand hygiene, other infection prevention and control measures etc. will assist The Chiswick in ensuring that this equally devastating disease and its implications for frail and vulnerable adults.

I hope that as July and August progresses – we can bring you some better news on these matters – we will base all of our future guidance and information broadcasts on the fast and ever changing national situation.

If you have any queries or concerns regards your own / family situation and the services at The Chiswick – please do not hesitate to contact me directly: Steve.winter@chiswicknursingcentre.co.uk

Steve Winter
Centre Director

Coronavirus (COVID 19) - our guidance to service users and families. We are using this link to keep all service users and families as up to date as possible on this fast developing and rapidly changing situation.Please click here for our latest guidance.