Coronavirus (COVID 19) – our guidance to service users and families – update

Saturday August 20th 2022

Dear Residents, Relatives, Friends and Next of Kin

This announcement provides an updated position regards visiting at The Nursing Centre.

It is based on further advice and negotiated positions with Public Health Hammersmith and Fulham  – and represents and reflects current Government guidance in relation to Government strategy on “Living with COVID”

The current position at The Nursing Centre – re COVID
I am pleased to advise that we no longer have positive testing patients on any Floor of the Nursing Centre. 

All staff are tested at the start of every shift worked. Only negative tested staff are permitted to work that shift.

I have reached agreement with the Public Health dept at LB Hammersmith and Fulham and our visiting arrangements are now as follows:

Where individual patients are tested positive for COVID
Visitors will be restricted and only permitted where End Of Life (as agreed with a GP) appears a nearby event.

Where patients are not tested as Positive
(i.e. an individual Negative test result has been obtained or there are no positive cases on that particular nursing suite) – Visitors can attend.

  • Visitors will be asked to declare any symptoms on arrival and sign a declaration form – which will include having their temperature taken by staff on duty.
  • Visitors can self elect to take an LFT covid test prior to visiting – if they wish.  This is not a requirement.
  • All visitors will be asked to pass through the anti viral ‘fogging tunnel’ in reception.
  • All visitors MUST wear a PPE mask – provided at the entrance to the nursing centre. This must be worn consistently throughout the visit.
  • Visits MUST happen in the resident’s own bedroom – not in communal areas. Please do not use the lounges or other areas for visiting. However – the garden can be used in better weather.
  • Visitors should NOT wander around the nursing suite – but try to stay focussed in the resident’s own bedroom area.
  • Good hand hygiene MUST be followed throughout the entire visit.

There are no timescales or visiting times applied to this policy.

The Garden area CAN NOW be used for visiting.

The above is subject to daily review by myself and my team and the Public Health Team at Hammersmith and Fulham. Please keep checking this website to ensure that you remain aware and updated.

Individual contact and update with as many as 300 individual relatives / friends etc is not practicably possible.

If you have any more detailed questions or queries – please contact us by email: Enquiries@chiswicknursingcentre.co.uk

Steve Winter
Centre Director
The Chiswick Nursing Centre

Coronavirus (COVID 19) - our guidance to service users and families. Please click here for our latest guidance.