Coronavirus (COVID 19) – our guidance to service users and families – update


Dear Relatives, Families, Friends:

I am pleased to provide the latest position and guidance on COVID and testing as it relates to The Chiswick Nursing Centre.

Government guidance has advised that from 1.4.22 – visitors and contractors attending the nursing centre are NOT required to undertake an LFT test.

Staff will continue to be tested at the start of each shift worked – on a daily basis. This is in excess of Government guidance – but reflects the degree to which we still take infection, prevention and control seriously at a time when COVID rates across London remain high.

Residents will be tested if and when symptomatic of any concern that might be a reason to suspect a possible COVID infection.

We respectfully ask all visitors to consider their own personal state of health before visiting the nursing centre. COVID levels within the community remain exceptionally high and the risk of transmission into the nursing centre remains a high risk to all of vulnerable patients – regardless of their own vaccination status.

Second (Spring 22 ) booster vaccinations are being offered to all residents and staff are encouraged to receive the latest available levels of vaccination.

If for overall safety reasons, you wish to receive an LFT test prior to commencing your visit at the nursing centre, our staff will be pleased to assist a undertake that test with you at no charge. We encourage this approach but recognise that it is now a matter of individual choice for each visitor.

Please do not visit if you have been a close contact with someone who has been tested positive for COVID. Please do not visit if you have experienced recent symptoms of cough, cold or flu which remain prevalent in the community and which may be masking COVID symptoms.

Current guidance remains intact regards the use of PPE face masks when visiting residents at the nursing centre – and our staff will continue to use the full range of PPE in line with Government guidance. 

Otherwise – we welcome the latest Government step down measures as an indication that the whole of the community including nursing homes and their residents must now start to explore the best ways to live with COVID.

Finally – we will continue to test and take strong isolation measures in line with revised Government guidance on outbreak scenarios.

Kind regards

Steve Winter
Centre Director
The Chiswick Nursing Centre

Coronavirus (COVID 19) - our guidance to service users and families. We are using this link to keep all service users and families as up to date as possible on this fast developing and rapidly changing situation.Please click here for our latest guidance.