Christmas Parties

The festive season is really in full swing at CNC and this means it is party time.

Each suite has its own special celebration for residents, friends and relatives to get together and enjoy some quality time. And, of course, members of staff join in too. Gifts and good wishes will be shared, along with food, drink and entertainment.

The Balmoral Suite begins the merriment on 5 December with our Kensington Suite residents indulging in their party on the following day.

There is a two-day breather before those in the Buckingham and Belgravia suites take their turns at partying on 8 December.

Last, but certainly not least, the Windsor Suite hosts its gathering on 12 December.

You might think that with the parties over, things would quieten down, but you would be wrong. There is plenty more eating, drinking and entertainment to take us through Christmas and the New Year. More news will follow….

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