Celebrating Arts in Care Homes

The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) has designated 24 September as National Day of Arts in Care Homes.

This annual event celebrates the inspiring work using the arts and creativity to support health and wellbeing in care settings. It invites care homes to share their residents’ artistic achievements online and there will be a number of special events taking place around the country.

A wide-ranging programme of physically and mentally stimulating activities is at the heart of our social care at the Chiswick. There is always something to do and every ‘floor’ has its own weekly programme of events, many of them with a leaning towards the creative arts. In non-Covid times, this also includes visits to the theatre, music events and galleries as well as in-house entertainment by external artists and performers.

It is widely known that active minds and bodies stay well for longer and no-one can underestimate the benefits that a shared smile, laugh and sense of achievement can bring. Some of our residents have even discovered hitherto unknown creative talents.

Painting, drawing, knitting, felt making, egg decoration, paper flower making, baking, and cake decorating are just some of the pastimes that residents have taken to with gusto over recent months. We hope that we are able to resume our usual full programme in the near future.

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