Nursing Care

At the Chiswick Nursing Centre, we have a range of skilled professionals who work with our excellent nursing team to aid maximum recovery. As clinical needs vary, our 24-hour private nursing care is tailored to suit individual requirements and is delivered by professional staff. We offer a sensitive and holistic approach to care for those who come living with complex medical conditions. Our care home is equipped with pressure-relieving equipment as required and up-to-date lifting aids. Our local GP can treat and advise any of our residents. 

Accreditation & registration

We are registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are fully compliant. Referrals can be made personally or by GPs, consultants or by Health and Social Services.

We are closely linked with an excellent NHS GP surgery which is also inspected and regulated by the CQC. Private practice GP’s are also available for one off – or regular consultations as and when required.

Our nursing expertise

Areas of expertise include working with people who require specialist dementia care nursing and end of life and palliative nursing care. We also care for people who require:

  • PEG feed tubes
  • RIG tubes
  • Tracheostomy assisted breathing
  • Syringe driver administered medication
  • Delivery of controlled drug medications
  • Management of anticipatory medications
  • Complex wound management and dressings – including Vacuum Assisted Closure systems.

Connected care

We maintain exceptionally close links with external healthcare professionals from the NHS. We are supported by regular input from a specialist geriatric care consultant, as well as having access to ‘leading lights’ in the field of neuro-rehabilitation, neuro-psychology, multiple sclerosis and brain injury. We have direct access to speech and language therapists, tissue viability and Parkinson’s disease specialist nurses. Our in house, qualified and skilled physiotherapy team are always on hand to deliver rehabilitation therapies as required.

Complex needs

Our healthcare team also cares for people with:

  • Locked In Syndrome
  • Catastrophic brain injury
  • Parkinsons disease
  • Huntingtons disease
  • Multiple sclerosis

And people recovering from: 

  • Transient ischemic attack  
  • Ischemic stroke 
  • Hemorrhagic stroke

Younger persons care

Our specialist service for younger adults who require neuro rehabilitation is supported by a skilled neuro occupational therapist who has developed her skills working with members of the armed forces needing rehabilitation after active service. This includes our ability to provide occupational therapy assessments for specialist seating, transfer and mobility equipment, thermoplastic splinting regimes, specialist posture and positioning systems as well as developing and building independent life and living skills. 

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