Care staff duo set for nursing Foundation Degree

We are delighted to announce that two members of our care team have been selected for a Nursing Associate Apprenticeship programme, funded by The Nursing Centre.

Apprenticeship schemes are designed to enable candidates to study towards a recognized professional qualification whilst gaining practical experience in the workplace. This means that we are able to ‘grow our own’ in house nurses from those Care Assistants who have shown remarkable performance in their own area of work. Many people would have liked the opportunity to study for a nursing degree – but are not always able to take those opportunities before they start their working life. This scheme gives them that chance. The two delegates – will continue to work alongside the CNC team as well as study flexibly with The West London University on the two-year programme. If successful, it will lead to a Level 5 Nursing Associate foundation degree (FDSc).

“This is a real move up the career ladder for them,” says Centre Director, Steve Winter. “They will be learning on the job, so they can immediately put their new skills and knowledge into action plus they will also be earning a salary during that time.”

The Nursing Associate role sits between that of health/care worker and registered nurse. It is a position that is expected to be in increasing demand as healthcare needs, and the profession itself, change in the foreseeable future. Nursing Associates work as a key part of a multi-disciplinary workforce in the healthcare sector.

The Foundation degree can also be used as a stepping stone to becoming a state registered nurse should candidates decide to further their studies.

Steve says: “Both our delegates have worked with us for several years – shown commitment and dedication to our residents and a desire to increase their skill sets and achieve qualified status in the Care Sector. I am pleased that we are able to offer them this chance to progress in their careers via the apprenticeship scheme which is a key aspect of our employee development initiative. They have already demonstrated the capabilities and commitment to develop towards a nursing role and they are determined to seize this possibility to fulfil their potential.”

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