Bird Club

A bird table has been donated to Chiswick Nursing Centre. It is well documented that a connection to nature have been beneficial to good mental health and feelings of well being. The purpose of the bird table is to attract local birds and for observation of what birds are visiting the table . It provides an opportunity for residents to become engaged with the birds. Photos can be taken, and the species and habits of the birds can be discussed. It is also a good method of engaging with residents who are living with dementia. Some residents may miss their gardens at home and this project is a good memory trigger. Residents can be taken into the garden to see if any birds are feeding. This leads to mind stimulating discussion of the natural life of Chiswick.

Our Activities coordinator team run many such events – from bird watching to poetry to Zumba dancing and  chair based yoga.

Life at The Chiswick is never boring…

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