Art Breaks Down Age Barriers

There is no age barrier to the beautiful and creative things in life, as was proven when 10 students from Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School joined some of our residents for an art session.

Both visitors and hosts pooled their knowledge of artistic techniques, working in tandem to produce a series of watercolours with hyacinths and other spring flowers as their main theme.

Art is such a great therapy for everyone to enjoy. Worries such as pending exams, aches and pains or negative thoughts can be put aside for a while. This was certainly evident amongst the inter-generational artists as they beavered away together.

Residents were delighted to see some new, eager faces and had their spirits lifted by their young visitors. The students too enjoyed the project and the fact that they had made a genuine contribution to their local community.

Meanwhile, the pictures with their vibrant and colourful brush strokes brought a real touch of sunshine to the Chiswick. They will add a splash of spring to a few walls and something to cherish in the future.

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