Art and Nature As Therapy

Art and the natural world can be truly therapeutic as one of The Chiswick’s residents will testify.

The resident is recovering from spinal injuries and finds that standing at her easel to create the lovely paintings she produces with metallic paints distracts her from the pain. As importantly, it helps provide an important structure to her day.

A nature lover, she also spends time nurturing a collection of house plants in the lounge of the Windsor Suite. More delight is derived from going daily, to feed the birds, one of which she has named Peter.

Her experience demonstrates that there is beauty in what the imagination can create and that nature is a powerful stimulus for this. Moreover, even in the heart of West London, our natural surroundings can enable us to escape from our problems, pain and anxieties. No matter how brief that time may be, it is invaluable.

We wish her well and a speedy rehabilitation.

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