Alpacas Return

Following the successful visit of Mortimers Alpacas last summer, when Hugo and Truffle were our woolly guests, we were delighted to welcome two new friends to The Chiswick.

This time, our visitors were Flynn and Arti (no relation to our activities coordinator), accompanied by their handlers. Flynn is the larger, brown one and Arti, who is still a youngster, is deaf.

There was great fun and fascination as they travelled up in the lift to meet some of our residents. 

The two animals love carrots, so they were more than happy to be hand-fed. Flynn is known to be particularly greedy and wasted no time getting stuck in.

Animals have the most extraordinary ability to promote calm, joy and contentment and this pair was no exception. You could just see from the expression on residents’ faces and their urge to stroke these gentle creatures how much this visit was appreciated. As for Flynn and Arti, it was all in a day’s work and they certainly appreciated the attention and the treats!

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