Windrush Day

Windrush Day takes place on the 22 June and is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of the Windrush generation and their descendants. Many left their homes in the Caribbean in 1948 to board the ‘Empire Windrush’ to help fill the post-war labour shortage in the UK. They were followed by others from Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and other islands, who made the journey throughout the 1950s and 60s as they sought a better life for their families with an enhanced prospect of employment here in Britain.

Chiswick residents will celebrate the day with a special tea which will include a slice of Jamaican ginger cake. There will also be a special dramatization event – where residents will be able to learn more about the Windrush generation and their experiences in the UK though a series of acting / singing and musical episodes.

The event offers a chance to discuss Windrush and its history. It will also serve as an opportunity to talk of faraway places and for residents to recall and speak of their own heritage.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day falls on 20 June this year. It is an opportunity to thank all Dads, grandfathers, great grandfathers and step-Dads and to make them feel special.

The origins of Father’s Day reveal it as a fairly recent occasion, introduced in the USA in 1907. It followed a tragic mining accident which killed more than 360 men and deprived around 1,000 children of their fathers.

The celebration waxed and waned for several decades until President Lyndon Johnson formally recognised it in 1966 and Richard Nixon signed it into official law six years later so that it became a public holiday in the US.

Dates and traditions of Father’s Day vary around the world. In Thailand, it takes place in December to honour a past king who is thought of as the Father of the Nation. Celebrants wear yellow and canna flowers are exchanged.

In France, it is the custom to give red roses. In Germany, fathers often group together to off on hiking trips, many pulling wagons of food and drink.

Mexico City celebrates with a 13-mile race called Carrera Dia del Padre. Children and their fathers often run alongside each other.

In the UK, Father’s Day always takes place on the third Sunday in June and is a much more relaxed affair. There may well be gifts given and it is often celebrated with a family lunch or tea. We are certainly expecting a few family reunions here at the CNC. Tea will definitely be available and doubtless, some cake too.

Moving Waves

We are just reaching the end of a series of performing arts-based workshops called ‘Moving Waves’. These have combined dance, storytelling and music.

Who knew that there is such hidden talent within the centre that has now come to light? Residents have been inspired and energised, carefully listening, observing and then following the movements of the activities co-ordinator.  They have all gained benefit, even from the smallest of movements. Together with the music and storytelling, the sessions have provided an immersive experience that everyone has really enjoyed – so much so that we are currently working on the return of the dance workshops. 

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