Anyone for Quizzing?

Quizzes are a great way to keep the brain engaged and to encourage social interaction. This is one of the reasons why they are such an excellent tool for those in residential care. The best reason however, and the one why we run them at the Chiswick, is that they are always popular.

There will invariably be a quiz taking place somewhere on our premises at least a couple of times a week. The themes and formats vary to keep things fresh with the range of options almost limitless – from word searches, music and proverbs to films, sport and food. Everyone enjoys them but it is surprising how much rivalry they engender.

Sometimes we organise teams and other times quizzers are invited to answer individually. But whatever we offer, concentration is to the fore – unless an avid discussions breaks out – and the sense of triumph is palpable once the winners are announced.

The Joy of Music

Music plays an important role in our lives. Why else would a popular radio programme run for so many years and be based on a famous person’s favourite tunes?

Without doubt, music has the ability to boost or change our mood, re-awaken memories and have a significant and lasting effect on our emotions.

Here at the Chiswick, the strains of music will often be heard percolating along the corridors – whether from a resident’s radio, a good, old, group sing-song, as the background to some other form of activity or just as an all-round mood enhancer..

Research shows that music can prompt a real reaction in those who have Alheizmer’s and dementia. On occasions, it can help to restore some cognitive functions in dementia patients as well as transport them to key events in their life, no matter how far in the past. This can have significant benefits on a resident’s mental health and happiness.

It is not unusual for those whose memory seems to have deserted them to suddenly recall the words to and sing along to a song that might appear to have been forgotten. And even for those for whom words have become difficult, we sometimes delight in seeing some foot tapping, swaying in time to the music or a smile of recognition.

So, let the music play on.

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