Unpaid Carers Forum

The Chiswick Nursing Centre has initiated an unpaid carers forum which will be hosted by Sabina Kelly RN Ba(Hons) Bsc(Hons) – an experienced matron and care planner. Attendees can get advice and support, meet other people in similar situations and also benefit from a telephone support service when needed.

Come along on Mondays 10.15am -12noon for a cup of coffee and learn what is on offer – free of charge and no obligation. The forum is a space where you can relax and have a bit of important time off for yourself to plan your future and the care needs of your loved one.

For more details contact Sabina Kelly 07976 287189 or email Sabinakelly73@googlemail.com

Celebrating Arts in Care Homes

The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) has designated 24 September as National Day of Arts in Care Homes.

This annual event celebrates the inspiring work using the arts and creativity to support health and wellbeing in care settings. It invites care homes to share their residents’ artistic achievements online and there will be a number of special events taking place around the country.

A wide-ranging programme of physically and mentally stimulating activities is at the heart of our social care at the Chiswick. There is always something to do and every ‘floor’ has its own weekly programme of events, many of them with a leaning towards the creative arts. In non-Covid times, this also includes visits to the theatre, music events and galleries as well as in-house entertainment by external artists and performers.

It is widely known that active minds and bodies stay well for longer and no-one can underestimate the benefits that a shared smile, laugh and sense of achievement can bring. Some of our residents have even discovered hitherto unknown creative talents.

Painting, drawing, knitting, felt making, egg decoration, paper flower making, baking, and cake decorating are just some of the pastimes that residents have taken to with gusto over recent months. We hope that we are able to resume our usual full programme in the near future.

Supporting the Edith Cavell Nurses Trust

Chiswick Nursing Centre’s – Centre Director, Steve Winter was pleased to attend and support the Edith Cavell Nurses Trust at an afternoon tea event held at The House of Lords. Accompanied by Specialist Care Consultant – Sabina Kelly, they heard news of how the Trust has supported nurses throughout the pandemic.

The Chiswick Nursing Centre recognises that qualified nurses are at the heart of its work with older people and younger adults with complex nursing needs and has been a long time supporter of the Trust.

The ethos of the Nursing Centre is focussed on giving back and supporting to the wide range of healthcare professionals who all contribute to the social care and nursing sector.

Rehab Is the Key to Getting Back on Your Feet

Following illness or an operation such as knee or hip replacement surgery, rehabilitation and physiotherapy are key to making a speedy recovery.

If you have undergone joint surgery, the medical team will be keen to get you up and moving even whilst you are still in hospital. Everyone progresses at different rates but the usual time for full recovery and mobility is 6-8 weeks.

Rehabilitation and recovery can be done at home but you should expect to attend at least three physiotherapy sessions a week. Some people decide to go straight from hospital to a short convalescence at a specialist rehabilitation unit so that they can focus solely on their recuperation without any distractions of normal domestic life. Perhaps they live alone without an immediate support network around them or in accommodation with stairs that might initially challenge their ability to move around. 

The Chiswick Nursing Centre is well used to helping post-operative patients to a fuIl recovery. Individually tailored nursing is integrated with our in-house specialist physio team to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. In addition, our excellent chef and expert hairdresser mean you don’t have to worry about a thing except being taken care of.

We are highly experienced in the treatment and management of numerous conditions to support convalescence after surgery, illness and to aid cancer recovery, including care of those with a range of other complex needs. 

Following hip or knee replacements, physiotherapy sessions are tailored to help recover mobility, build self-confidence, the early detection and corrective treatment of any movement related problems. Some occupational therapy, in addition,  will enable you to undertake those every day but essential tasks. 

First will come exercises to flex and stretch the joint to counter any stiffness, pain or swelling. Additional routines are designed to strengthen the muscles around the operation site and to help regain or develop balance.

Sessions take place in the Centre’s physiotherapy gym which has state of the art equipment including an interactive video ‘exer-cycle’ suite – which lets you ‘cycle’ through ‘country lanes’ and ‘town areas.’ We know that doing exercises on a regular basis can be a chore for some. Our fully trained staff will do their utmost to make physio enjoyable and you will find them supportive, encouraging and invested in your well-being. They will also assist in ensuring that you are well able to cope with life back at home, both mentally and physically.

Outpatient physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy service is available to those who live locally but don’t want to be resident at The Chiswick. The outpatient service is supported by safe infection control measures and free COVID testing on site. For an appointment call us on  020 8222 7800 or contact us

Coronavirus (COVID 19) - our guidance to service users and families. We are using this link to keep all service users and families as up to date as possible on this fast developing and rapidly changing situation.Please click here for our latest guidance.