Creating a Home from Home

If you, or a family member, are due to join us as a resident at The Chiswick Nursing Centre, you might have some understandable concerns about what awaits you and what your immediate surroundings might be like.

Your own room can become your home from home. All of our bedrooms are single occupancy with en-suite facilities and designed to care for clients in a safe and friendly environment.

We encourage everyone to personalise their rooms and make them as comfortable as possible with some little reminders of home. This is especially important for those with dementia. Having something familiar close by can bring enormous benefit and solace. For this reason, we afford space for a small piece of favourite furniture – perhaps a comfy chair, bedside table or cabinet.

Photos of relatives and friends and a few cherished ornaments can also provide reassurance. Additionally, they offer a focal point for staff to engage with the residents and encourage them to talk about their home lives and memories. Our Maintenance team have become expert ‘picture hangers’ and ‘shelf fitters’!

Some people are also soothed by a familiar piece of music or a favourite audio book. A radio or CD player can work wonders. If you have joined the ‘Brave new world’ of technology and wish to continue using your Laptop / iPad or even Alexa system – then our free WiFi service will support all of those for you.

With sight and sound addressed, how about scent? A room diffuser with a fragrance from home, or one that evokes happy memories, can enhance surroundings and create a sense of wellbeing.

All of these are simple touches but ones that can go a long way to make you feel right at home.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Here at The Chiswick Nursing Centre, our physiotherapy team offers a range of chair-based activities, tailored to the needs of individuals. Before the Covid restrictions were introduced, we ran weekly chair-based yoga sessions which we have now reintroduced with good social distancing in place to ensure safety for all. We also continue to work with residents individually to maintain their muscle strength and mobility

Many of our exercises involve the use of resistance bands and balls. These are well suited to those who are unable to do standard weight-bearing activity such as standing up or walking short distances. Such exercises build the leg and other muscles to assist walking and balance whilst hand and arm exercise assist dexterity.

One of the most common and beneficial exercises for those who are able to get out of a chair is a simple ‘sit-to-stand’ – raising oneself out of a chair without using the hands. Repeated a number of times, it strengthens hip and leg muscles to improve mobility.

Another seated, leg muscle improving exercise is to raise the leg using a resistance band. Repeating the exercise strengthens the quadriceps (thigh) muscles. Leg muscles can also be improved by squeezing a resistance ball between the thighs.

Sometimes people have doubts or fears about exercise if they have not been mobile for a while or never been great fans of exercise. It is here that our qualified physiotherapy staff play a vital role, encouraging residents to participate by reassuring them that the session will be fun and not too vigorous.

The benefits of these workouts are wide ranging with the emphasis on helping those in our care to be as mobile as possible. Group exercise, social interaction and laughter have well documented beneficial effects on our mental wellbeing.

Our group sessions are good fun, popular and beneficial in so many ways. Our goal is to work with all of our Residents to keep them as fit as possible for as long as possible.

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