Coronavirus (COVID 19) – our guidance to service users and families – update

Updated position 15 June 2020

Dear Relatives and Friends

We are pleased to advise that our ongoing battle with the Coronavirus continues to make positive strides. As a result of rigorous infection control measures and the staff team utilising full PPE at all times, in line with the requirements and regulations; we are currently in a position where we have no confirmed COVID-19 cases within the Nursing Centre.

Equally as important is that all staff who have been tested across the past 4-week period have tested negative. In addition, our push to recruit good quality new staff to the service has meant that we have been able to eliminate the use of Agency Staff and the additional risks that this posed, given that most Agency Care Workers are deployed into many other Care Home settings as well as The Chiswick.

We have continued to work with colleagues from LB Hammersmith and Fulham Social Services, Public Health and the local NHS teams deployed across the North West London Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) to evidence and ensure that the quality of care and nursing at The Chiswick has been maintained at the highest standards over this period of disruption when the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have been unable to undertake their normal levels of inspection and quality assurance.

This exercise has shown that The Chiswick has indeed maintained high quality care which meets the required standards and regulations. In addition, the CQC have undertaken a telephone based, lengthy interview with myself and other members of the Company’s Board of Directors and have confirmed that The Chiswick is managing the impact of COVID-19 at this time.

Many of you have enquired about the prospect of visiting those relatives and friends that you have living at The Chiswick – especially now that the Government are easing some of the lockdown restraints and infection control measures across the UK. Despite the fact that central Government have advised that Care Home visiting can take place via “Bubble” structures – and despite our own plans for managing limited amounts of visiting at The Chiswick; The Public Health Team at LB Hammersmith and Fulham have instructed us that visiting cannot recommence at this time. This is the same position which they have adopted with all Nursing and Care Homes across the Borough.

They will now work on a policy and protocol of their own which will address visiting in Care and Nursing Home settings and will keep us advised as this week progresses. As soon as the guidelines which will be applied locally are published – we will review our arrangements and I will be sure to update you via our website and with specific details as appropriate.

I appreciate that this additional delay will be difficult to cope with for many, especially when other neighbouring Boroughs are acting in a different fashion. However – we are governed by the Local Authority in Hammersmith and Fulham and must thereby abide by this decision.

Meanwhile – our video-based calling and visiting processes remain available – please call the main reception desk on 0208 222 7800 to make arrangements to access those if you wish to.

Your sincerely

Steve Winter
Centre Director

So nice to know others are thinking of us

We continue to be surprised and delighted by the support we have received from  our local community.  Many have gone out of their way to demonstrate how the CNC is in their thoughts at a time when our residents are unable to see loved ones and staff are working under extremely testing circumstances.

The children of one local family have kept our spirits up by sending regular letters, drawings and other artwork. Their latest creations are two handmade ‘bugs’ – fortunately not the corona virus kind – which now adorn an office.

“They really cheered up the staff here who were in need of something to make them smile at a difficult time,” wrote Centre Director, Steve Winter in his letter of thanks to the family concerned.

COVID Kindness

There have been many acts of kindness reported during the Corona virus pandemic and one has recently touched us here at The Chiswick.

The Hurlingham Club, an exclusive sports and social club in Fulham, not too far from us, has donated and delivered freshly cooked meals, prepared on their premises, for our busy staff. You can see from their beaming smiles just how well they are literally going down.

Centre Director, Steve Winter said: “We are extremely thankful to The Hurlingham Club for this immensely kind gesture. 

“I am proud to have such a hardworking team here but the current circumstances bring added stress that takes its toll on the energy reserves of a workforce already going that extra mile to comply with the necessary rules and regulations. By the time they come off shift they don’t always have the inclination to prepare more than a quick snack. Having such delicious and nutritious food, prepared by someone else, is a real treat and helps restore their vitality. I know they thoroughly appreciate what The Hurlingham Club has done for them.”

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