Chinese Health professionals impressed by their visit

The Chiswick Nursing Centre recently played host to 20 doctors, consultants and physicians from the Shanghai province of China.

We were part of a week-long educational tour that also took in local NHS hospitals and GP surgeries. It afforded the healthcare professionals good opportunities to see UK facilities first hand and to learn how the UK healthcare system works.

Seeing our services in action at The Chiswick helped them to understand the complexities of running a major clinical service that meets the needs of patients of varying ages and with differing healthcare requirements. 

They were suitably impressed with the high quality and extent of our services, which exceed those available in China. They were also keen to better understand the various ways in which provision can be funded within the UK.

Having toured the building, seen what we have to offer close up, and talk to staff and residents, the group headed off to ‘Harrods’ for some last minute souvenir and gift shopping before their flight back to China. 

Centre Director, Steve Winter said: “We always welcome the opportunity to show anyone our wonderful facilities and encourage any potential new customers to visit us before making an informed decision to come and stay. Hosting a group of medical professionals from China has been a great way to spread the word about The Chiswick Nursing Centre to a worldwide audience.”

Paradise Lodge comes to CNC

If you can’t get to the theatre, then get the theatre to come to you. And so it was that the Tabard Theatre brought a shortened version of its play ‘Paradise Lodge’ to the CNC.

The musical comedy stars Steve Cooper and Sophie Osborne, who play multiple roles in the production. Set in the 1940s, the play, which was written by Steve, is based on his experience in caring for his mother-in-law when she had dementia. 

Residents sang along and laughed as they identified with some of the scenes and the recollections they evoked.

CNC resident, Erica said afterwards: “I really enjoyed it and it was very well done. The actors were very nice and truthful. They sang Gracie Fields, Al Jolson and other songs. My favourite was ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’. When I first came to England I heard this song a lot so it brought back good memories.”

CNC United Stroke Club

For the past three years, a group of stroke recovery patients at the Chiswick Nursing Centre have been getting together on a weekly basis under the banner of CNC United Stroke Club. To aid their progress, they have undertaken a series of creative activities designed to stimulate their memories and imaginations.  Projects have included plays, stories and CDs.

Since the Spring of 2019, Fraser Cains and Hannah Ringham from the  InterAct Stroke Support Charity have joined Residents on Wednesday afternoons to facilitate a poetry project. Together, the group has created a series of poems and recipes based on their memories and experiences. These have now been compiled into a book.

The changing seasons have provided much inspiration. Here are just a few lines prompted by the Autumn season:

Copper gold rust red

Amber and khaki leaves brush the sky

Squirrels scurry

Autumns fading sun casts long shadows

Across the now barren pastures

Horse chestnuts sprinkle the pathways

Chestnuts are roasted to ward away the chill The project has also been supported by Nirjay Mahindru, Chief Executive of InterAct Stroke Support, CNC staff members, Daphne, Chris and Patricia, All Saints Fulham Parochial Church Council which helped fund the scheme and a Relative of one Group member, Vernon Burgess, who not only helped to sponsor the group but wrote the original poem that inspired the team to create the project.

Secret Garden ballet enthrals residents

Sixteen Chiswick residents, plus family and friends, were captivated by the London Children’s Ballet Touring Company which visited The Chiswick Nursing Centre in September.

The troupe performed a 30-minute ballet based on ‘The Secret Garden’, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s famous novel. It tells the story of a young girl, orphaned in India, who is sent to live with an elderly uncle in England. Here she discovers a hidden secret garden which she lovingly brings back to life and, in the process, transforms the lives of people living in the house.

The Chiswick’s Activities Co-ordinator, Chris, says the event went down really well: “It was amazing that the whole room was focused on the dancers – and the atmosphere was very serene. Everyone was clapping and several people were able to move their bodies in time to the musical act.

The Centre will continue to build its links with the Ballet Company and hopes for future performances soon.

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