Palace Garden Trip

London’s second oldest botanic garden played host to a group of our residents when they enjoyed a trip to Fulham Palace Gardens.

Attached to Fulham Palace, home to the Bishops of London for more than 1,300 years, the gardens are a 13 acre oasis in suburban London.

There was plenty to see, smell and touch which made for an all-round sensory experience. As well as the traditional planted flower beds, the site offers a walled garden, knot garden, kitchen garden and vinery.

The group also took time to stop off at the celebrated holm oak which has stood in the garden for over 500 years.

All agreed the gardens offered  a peaceful sanctuary with much to enjoy and a prompt for some happy memories.

Strawberry Fayre

Strawberries and cream are synonymous with summer and the sun shone from a blue sky for our annual Afternoon Strawberry and Cream Tea event.

This year we were raising funds for The Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day. Residents put their artistic skills to decorating cupcakes which they later enjoyed with their tea. Also on the menu were traditional scones with cream and jam, and, of course, strawberries formed the centrepiece. Everyone agreed it was just perfect as a glass of Pimms or lemonade slipped down a treat to help put the finishing summer touch to the afternoon.

Snakes alive!

Chiswick Nursing Centre residents had a close encounter of a most unusual kind when a veritable menagerie of reptiles, including snakes and chameleons, turned up on their doorstep.

The creatures were accompanied by expert ‘minders’ from Darwin’s Kingdom, an organisation that specialises in animal experiences and education. Their aim is to enable people to learn more about the natural world and some of the exotic and endangered species that live there.

All of the animals are very used to people and happy to be handled so what followed was a session of wonder and discovery. Residents had the chance to touch and hold animals they would never previously have got close to.

“I’ve never even seen a chameleon before, let alone touch one. It was really rather exciting and not at all frightening,” said one of the residents.

Darwin’s Kingdom has recently begun using interaction with the animals to help tackle dementia. This has already proven to reduce agitation, boredom and anxiety as well as to encourage communication and socialisation.

A stimulating and enjoyable time was had by all.

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