A day in the life of our Physio

The physiotherapy team is actively involved in many aspects of The Chiswick Nursing Centre’s life:

We provide one-to-one physiotherapy sessions either in residents’ rooms or the physiotherapy gym. We also utilise communal areas such as corridors, stairs and even the garden when weather permits – so do not be surprised if you see us climbing four flights of stairs with some residents or doing exercises in the garden while getting some vitamin D.

On admission, all new residents are assessed for the most suitable and safest transfer technique:  we give advice about room layout and equipment, create positioning guidelines for people with complex postural needs, provide essential support and education to care home staff and relatives. The physiotherapy team also performs mobility re-assessments when physical condition changes, gives advice and implements strategies for falls prevention. In addition, we  work as part of multidisciplinary team and liaise with other services and health care professionals to ensure high quality of care is provided.

There are 146 bedrooms at the Chiswick Nursing Centre. There are residents who have physiotherapy input and they can be seen from once a week to five times a week, our one-to-one sessions normally last up to 45 minutes. However, other residents who do not have active physiotherapy input still receive our specialist advice and intervention regarding equipment, mobility, transfers, falls prevention and positioning.

Physiotherapy sessions are always based on individual needs, wishes and set goals. I strongly believe in a person-centred care and holistic approach. Physiotherapy interventions vary from joint mobilisation, strengthening, stamina, balance and coordination exercises, postural assessment and correction, gait re-education, exercises to improve mobility and many more.

Some people come to The Chiswick Nursing Centre for respite care or after early discharge from hospital for active rehabilitation. We do our best to provide specialist advice regarding mobility, positioning, transfers and other concerns that they might have to ensure smooth transition home. For example, when people come after a hip replacement operation we provide advice on how to correctly get in and out of bed, how to correctly stand up, which movements are best to avoid to prevent hip dislocation in the early stages. During one-to-one physiotherapy sessions we also focus on strengthening and balance exercises, gait re-education and stairs practise. There are also people who are receiving long term care and in these cases, we see residents for longer periods of time.

I absolutely love what I do. It is truly amazing that we get to really know our residents and build trusting relationships. The physiotherapy team works closely with other health care professionals to ensure people get the best care. Working in-house means that we have the opportunity and time to intervene at first sight of a decline in mobility or change in functional ability.

I have always liked to be active and it is pure pleasure to encourage and enable others to do so. Physiotherapy caught my attention because it was a profession where I could have a direct impact on someone and teach them knowledge that I had acquired. Physiotherapy can make invaluable changes to a person’s quality of life.

Strawberry Cream Tea Afternoon

Saturday 29 June from 2.30pm

The Chiswick Nursing Centre will be supporting the Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day fundraising event, with cupcake decorating at its annual Afternoon Strawberry and Cream Tea event this year on Saturday 29 June from 2.30pm

Residents will be provided with cupcakes and decorating materials so they can produce their own attractive and mouth-watering designs. Residents and their guests will enjoy eating their cupcakes with tea/coffee – or a nice refreshing glass of Pimms and Lemonade, alongside the more traditional scones and cream accompanied by tasty Strawberries and Jam.

Centre Director , Steve Winter said:

“This annual event has become hugely popular with our residents. We are hopeful for an afternoon of good weather that will enable as many of our residents to join us in the garden for this year’s event which also allows us to support the good work of the Alzheimer’s Society and raise some funds for their efforts in this important area of support for those who live with this illness. Residents, their relatives and guests and any members of the local community are very welcome to attend and join us on the afternoon which will run from 2.30pm onwards. This provides an ideal opportunity to see an excellent nursing home in full operation and to better understand how we work with and support our residents here. No appointment is necessary and people can simply come along for a cream tea and a chat.

Funds raised at the event will be match funded by the Chiswick Nursing Centre operating company – Ganymede Care Ltd and all funds raised will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.

If you would like to join us and experience what the Centre has to offer email: enquiries@chiswicknursingcentre.co.uk to let us know you are attending the event.

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